Educational Goals


Greenfields Nursery follows guidelines from the Early Years Foundation Stage. We adopt a ‘holistic’ approach that combines giving children the freedom to make spontaneous choices about their play with special experiences.
Planning is based on flexible timing that enables plenty of ‘do it again’ and ‘come back to it later’

We offer a range of activities, our aim being to meet the needs of the whole child and work towards fulfilling the “Early learning Goals” of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for children aged 2-5 years.
An example of a typical day at Greenfields can be found here:
typical day

We work on themes and arrange various visits and visitors to complement these e.g. Fireman, Police, Librarian etc.

All our children’s birthdays are celebrated.

Here are some of the activities our children undertake:

Pre-reading skills, jigsaws, letter matching, sound games.
Pre-writing skills, patterns, correct letter formation.
Numeracy skills, arts and crafts, play dough, painting.
Musical Activities, singing, music and movement.
Sand and water play.

Greenfields is complemented by a securely fenced area with outside play equipment.

We believe that every child’s development and learning will be fostered through partnership between his/her parent and ourselves here at Greenfields and, of course, the child himself/herself.

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